Resolution Submission Guide

Resolution Submission Guide

Guide on Submission of Resolution for ThE 19TH General Assembly (GA19) OF RSPO Members

Submission of resolution(s) to the RSPO Secretariat must be done via the online form. All resolutions must be completed and submitted before 5:00PM (GMT+8) on 29 September 2022 (Thursday). Please note that a strict policy will be enforced and late submissions WILL NOT be considered.
Please read the Resolution Submission Guide before filling in the form.


The online form consists of the following structure and guidance to fill in each of the sections.
  1. Title: Insert title of the resolution
  2. Submitted by [Submission must be from at least THREE (3) of the SEVEN (7) membership sectors]:
    No. Organisation Name Membership Sector
    Note: The first three proponents must be from different sectors and subsequent proponents can be from the same sectors as the first three sectors.
  3. Background:
    1. Start with an introduction possibly with an inclusive statement that most members can agree on.
    2. State your objective for the resolution.
    3. If needed, define key terms of the resolution (for example, members with oil palm plantation operations will cover other sectors that own and manage oil palm plantations other than grower members).
    4. Identify problem statements based on the following;
      1. Identify requirements or resolutions that already exist. Identify what problems still exist since the passing of the aforementioned resolutions and/or implementation of the requirements. Try to determine to what extent the targeted problems have been solved. Identify what changes and/or improvements have occurred since the implementation of the resolution and/or requirements, or
      2. Identify new problems that are not related to the above (i), or
      3. Identify administrative changes that are required to ensure key documents (e.g. Statutes, Code of Conduct, etc.) are up to date.
  4. Proposed resolution
    1. Determine what specific steps/actions must be taken to solve the problem. 
    2. Include a time frame for implementation. 
    3. Depending on the resolution, you may wish to include implications towards membership, certification and others (e.g. country) to support the implementation of the resolution. 
    4. Identify/state the stakeholders (e.g. Board of Governors, members, Secretariat, etc.) addressed by the resolution.
  5. Potential benefits
    1. Identify/state potential benefits in adopting and implementing the resolution.
  6. Potential risks & mitigation
    1. Identify/state potential risk(s) in adopting and implementing the resolution.
    2. Identify/state how the above potential risk(s) can be mitigated. 
  7. Proposed Standing Committee/Working Group/Task Force in overseeing the Resolution
    Determine which committee/working group/task force is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the resolution.
  8. Contact information
    No. Name Organisation Email
    Note: To add the main contact(s) of the resolution proponents. Maximum up to seven contacts.
  9. References
    Cite RSPO key documents or links to journal/scientific/study papers.
The content of the proposed resolution should not be in conflict with the RSPO Statutes 2020, Antitrust Guidelines or require changes to the RSPO Principles and Criteria.

The proposed resolution should be worded in a manner that allows for a clear ‘For’ or ‘Against’ vote and should not contain multiple options.

If you encountered any difficulties submitting the online form, please contact for assistance.