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Name Of Organisation: Koperasi Sawit Bangkit
Membership Number: 102581800000
Name Of Nominee: Bernadinus Steni
Position In The Organisation: Facilitator for inclusion and certification

Summary of Nominee Profile
Bernadinus Steni is an environmental and human rights lawyer with a Master of Law from the University of Indonesia and a Bachelor of Law from Gadjah Mada University. Steni has extensive experience providing legal assistance to indigenous peoples and local communities, especially in relation to natural resources. He has published several articles on indigenous peoples and human rights, covering topics including free prior and informed consent (2005), the legal framework of indigenous peoples’ rights in Indonesia (2008), the legal and political debate related to indigenous peoples’ rights in Indonesia (2008), and using human rights indicators to monitor REDD+ (2011). For the last five years he has been involved in climate change issues, focusing on tenure, safeguards, and REDD+ in Indonesia. He was also involved in drafting the National REDD+ safeguards, namely PRISAI (2012). On 2016, he leads the study on FFB legality for RSPO's national interpretation in Indonesia.
Koperasi Sawit Bangkit would like to nominate Steni due to his role at Inobu, an organisation that has facilitated the registration, training, and capacity building of our smallholders and helped us achieve certification.  
At Inobu, Steni serves as Chief Legal Officer and an Environmental Lawyer who coordinates the legal reviews and analyses, and leads the implementation of the jurisdictional work in Central Kalimantan and West Papua. He provides guidance and advice on sustainable commodity production, in particular for palm oil, jurisdictional certification of palm oil as well as engaging, registering and including smallholders in sustainable commodity supply chains. He also provides guidance in understanding the regulations that apply in Indonesia, including those governing the development of sustainable oil palm and its smallholders, and provides direction in implementing these regulations in the field. He also has great interest in the development of social problems experienced by Indonesian oil palm farmers, including in relation to human rights, labor rights, women's rights, and conflicts in the Indonesian palm oil industry.
We believe that he will be able to represent the interests of independent oil palm smallholders on the board of RSPO.

Summary of Organisation Profile
Koperasi Sawit Bangkit is a cooperative of independent oil palm smallholders who live in the village of Sukorejo, in Seruyan district, Central Kalimantan. As part of RSPO’s pilot initiative for jurisdictional certification, in collaboration with Yayasan Inobu, 324 smallholders were certified in 2021 covering 922.58 hectares.


Name Of Organisation: Badan Usaha Milik Desa "Karya Mandala Makmur"
Membership Number: 102491800000
Name Of Nominee: Sartono S. PKP.
Position In The Organisation: Group Manager

Summary of Nominee Profile
Sartono is a civil servant at the Food Crops, Horticulture and Plantations (DTPHP) Office in the working area of the Agricultural Extension Center (WKBPP) Pangkalan Lada Subdistrict, West Kotawaringin District, Central Kalimantan Province. He holds a bachelor degree and has experience as an agricultural extension worker at the Agricultural Extension Information Center as well as a paramedic for large and small livestock as well as artificial insemination (IB) officers. 
At BUMDes Karya Mandala Makmur (KMM), Sartono sits as the Group Manager responsible for managing BUMDes resources including its 214 smallholders and a land area of 393.64 hectares. He is also active in Perhiptani (Indonesian Agricultural Extension Association), a professional organization that accommodates agricultural extension workers with the aim of supporting government programs and community activities in realizing a strong and modern agricultural system.
We believe that he will be able to represent the interests of independent oil palm smallholders on the board of RSPO as an alternate member of Board of Governors (BoG) with Bernadinus Steni.

Summary of Organisation Profile
Badan Usaha Milik Desa 'Karya Mandala Makmur is an organization consisting of village communities that drives the economy of the Lada Mandala Jaya village community. The main activity of the BUMDes is the certification of oil palm smallholders, and until 2021, there have been as many as 214 smallholders with an area of 393.64 hectares that have been certified