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Name Of Organisation: Golden Agri-Resources Ltd
Membership Number: 100961100000
Name Of Nominee: Agus Purnomo
Position In The Organisation: Senior Advisor to the Chief of Sustainability and Communication

Summary of Nominee Profile

Mr. Agus Purnomo joined Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food in October 2014. His role is to plan sustainability strategy, communicate, and implement sustainable palm oil commitments throughout the entire value chain, in collaboration with key stakeholders. In 2017, He was given the opportunity to hold strategic positions in support to his role at the company such as Executive Committee of High Conservation Value Resource Network (HCV-RN) and Executive Committee of High Carbon Stock (HCS). Recently, he has been voted as member of Board of Governors of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as well as The Chair of Indonesian Growers Caucus (IGC) to represent all Indonesian Palm Oil Members within RSPO.

Mr. Agus Purnomo has held many positions for the government, multilateral institutions, and international and national NGOs, focusing on the area of sustainability for more than 30 years. He has served, among others, as the Special Assistant to the President of the Republic of Indonesia for Climate Change (2010-2014); Special Assistant to the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia (2004-2009); Environmental Adviser to The World Bank (2002-2004); Country Representative/Executive Director of WWF Indonesia (1996-2002). He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Conservation Policy from Tufts University in the US in 1994 and a Master’s in Business Administration from Prasetya Mulya Management Institute in Indonesia in 1985.

Summary of Organisation Profile
Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) is a vertically-integrated palm oil plantation company with a commitment to responsible palm oil. In Indonesia, our primary activities include cultivating and harvesting oil palm trees; extracting fresh fruit bunches (FFB) into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel; to processing it into value-added products such as cooking oil, margarine, shortening, biodiesel and oleochemicals; as well as merchandising palm products throughout the world.


Name Of Organisation: PT. Inti Indosawit Subur
Membership Number: 100220600000
Name Of Nominee: Mohamad Fadhil Hasan
Position In The Organisation: Director of Corporate Affairs

Summary of Nominee Profile
Mohamad Fadhil Hasan Fadhil Hasan has more than thirty year experiences in conducting economic policy research and consultancy in macroeconomics, industries, and agriculture, both in government and private sectors.
He is Director of Corporate Affairs Asian Agri Group, member of Advisory Team of the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia and Senior Economist at the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF). Previous position includes Chairman of Indonesian Bank Central’s Supervisory Board (BSBI), member of the Committee for National Economy and Industry of Republic of Indonesia (KEIN), 2016-2019 and Managing Director of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), 2003-2008.
He graduated from Bogor Agricultural University, earned an MSc from Department of Economics, Iowa State University, USA and finished Ph.D program at the University of Kentucky, USA majoring in Agricultural Policy and International Trade.

Summary of Organisation Profile
Asian Agri is one of Indonesia's largest palm oil producers, with total production capacity of more than 1 million tons of crude palm oil per year. Established in 1979 Asian Agri has operations in North Sumatera, Riau and Jambi. Of its 160,000 hectares og oil palm plantations, 60,000 hectares are developed under the Plasma Scheme, a national level project supporting smallholders